5 Unforgettable Ways to Remember Ideas

Make note of ideas

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I had a great idea for a blog post the other day. It was quite possibly the best topic I’ve ever thought of. Ok, maybe not, but unfortunately, we’ll never know. Why? Because in my moment of extreme confidence, I was convinced I could remember it for the next few hours until I sat down to write my next post, so I didn’t write it down. And guess what….I was wrong.

A mere two hours later, I didn’t have the slightest clue what my idea was. I knew I had come up with a great idea. I could picture exactly where I was when I had this brilliant thought. I even remembered the conversation I had with myself when I had the idea: “Great idea. I should write this down. Nah, I’ll remember it.” But I didn’t have the slightest inkling of a memory of the topic.

It’s not like I was lacking a way to write my idea down. In this day and age, there are several ways to make a note somewhere so you can refer to it later. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve compiled a bit of a list for you:

1. Old Fashioned

Writing stick and parchment. Pen and paper. Whatever you want to call it, for some people, this is still their favourite way to keep notes. There’s something about holding a writing utensil in your hand and gliding it across paper.

2. Evernote

The thing I love about Evernote is I can use it from any device. I have it installed on both my computers and on my phone. It doesn’t matter which device I use to make a note, it syncs to “the cloud” and I can access it easily from any of my other devices. And if I don’t have access to one of my own devices, I can log on to any computer and get all my notes. Notes can be organized together in Notebooks, so you can keep similar things together. You can also share notebooks with other people.

3. Notes

My phone has an app called Notes. I’m sure other smart phones have a similar app or function. I mostly use this for quick bits of info, but you could write a novel on it if you really wanted to.

4. Email

The tech version of calling yourself at home and leaving a message, emailing yourself is another great option. I use this for reminders to do something later, like when I get home. Sometimes I’ll email myself random to-do lists that I think of when I’m otherwise occupied and know I won’t remember later.

5. Voice memo

Not everybody is visual. If you prefer the sound of your own voice, why not make yourself a voice memo? Again, I’m sure most smart phones have this capability in one form or another. My app is actually called Voice Memo. Hit the record button and start talking. Hit the stop button when you’re done. Voila! Now you have a voice memo that you can listen to anytime. My app lets me email or text it to someone as well (see point above)

So there you have it. Five perfectly reasonable ways to make notes and never forget anything again. All you have to remember is to check the note later! Now you have no excuses for forgetting things. And rest assured, I learned my own lesson. When I decided to turn this experience into a blog post, you’d better believe I jotted it down right away before I could forget!

What about you? Do you have a system or app that you use for making notes or remembering things? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I use the tasks app on my phone. This way, I not only have the note, but can have it remind me at intervals.
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