Should you post your prices on your website?

Price Bag

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To price or not to price? It’s a good question, but the answer isn’t an easy one. At first, I believed firmly that you should include your rates on your website. People, myself included, like to know how much things cost. Having your prices easily accessible shows that you have nothing to hide, and you aren’t going to give different people different rates for the same service or product. I used to have my prices clearly outlined on my website, with a list of what was included for the price.

Then, one day, one of my packages had to change, due to circumstances beyond my control. I did some thinking around how to handle this change, and I thought about how companies similar to mine deal with pricing. And I thought about the services I offer. Since I implemented my packages and pricing, not a single client has wanted or needed the same services. My packages didn’t really fit what my clients need.

All of this thinking made me realize, in my situation, prices just don’t make sense. Every client’s needs are different, so I need to assess each client individually. Sure, I will have a standard rate and a standard way of deciding how much each project will cost, but ultimately, I’m not doing anybody any favours by trying to fit all projects into the same box. I really need to sit down with a client to determine their needs and how I can best meet them, and then come up with a quote, or even better, a multiple option quote.

So my answer to the question “to price or not to price?” is: it depends. If you have a product you are selling, absolutely, post your prices. If you have a service that is priced by the hour, definitely let your web visitors know. But if you are dealing with projects where no two are the same, and there are variables, there’s no shame in not posting your prices. It just wouldn’t make sense.