The Joy of A-ha!

eat the frog

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Don’t you just love those a-ha! moments? I had a big one today. Something that I didn’t know how to do, but knew could be done. It took a bit of research, and I’ve been putting it off for weeks. But today, at last….a-ha! It seems so simple! How did I not figure this out before?

More importantly, why didn’t I try before? Have you ever noticed that we tend to put off the seemingly big or difficult tasks that we really need to be doing? But really, the best thing to do is get that big thing over with, and then everything else will be easy in comparison. Some people call this “eating the frog”.

If I had eaten this particular frog much earlier, I could have enjoyed prolonged effects of my great a-ha moment. I could have used this knowledge to benefit other projects that have already passed. Instead, I have my a-ha at the end of the night, so my adrenaline-fueled a-ha is going to keep me awake way past my bedtime.

So take it from me. Eat your frog, and eat it early. Revel in your a-ha moment for as long as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

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